Research: Grounded, Emergent and Trustworthy for Complex Environments

Grounded Theory is ideal for complex environment that need flexible, evolving, iterative and trustworthy research frameworks.  I have used grounded theory on numerous development research projects and found it to be a powerful concept. Grounded Theory is a method of analysis that ties research to peoples experience.  As the name suggests it is valuable for creating theory that emerges from context and experience.  Grounded Theory uses both qualitative and quantitative methods and theoretical sampling. “The purpose of theoretical sampling,” as Corbin andRead more

Change: Community Action and the Theory U

Development depends on people identifying potential, understanding need and creating change.  It depends on people moving from talking to action.  The tools created to do this are often not as powerful as they were during the first generation of innovators.  The forms -participatory tools- have been kept but the meaning has been lost.  The radical nature of participation has been watered down by the second -or third- generation of use.  Without the democratic ethos, participation becomes a time-consuming, often useless part of a project rather than theRead more