Solomon Islands Flash Flood Evaluation

The 2014 Flash Flood Evaluation focused on World Vision Solomon Islands’ response to flash flooding in April 2014. The evaluation used quantitative and qualitative approaches and grounded theory to research and conduct analysis.

A World Vision field team conducted surveys using ICT technology.  Key informant interviews and focus group discussions  – with organizations and community members – provided rich qualitative data. Categories of gender, geographic location, age, and disability gave us the ability to separate the data. This helped us see how vulnerable people experienced the flood and response.

The research was used for organizational learning and change as well as accountability and reporting.  Further, one unintended result of the research was identification of vulnerable people. Using Cannon’s (2000) framework of disaster = vulnerability + hazard was helpful.  The results of a vulnerability analysis –understanding who was most vulnerable during the flood – gave an evidence base. Future projects could use this to focus on strengthening vulnerable peoples’ resilience in Solomon Islands.