Community Action Planning and Research

Worked with an INGO and local partner organizations to create community action plans for nutrition in over 50 sucos (counties) in Timor-Leste.  The first stage of the process was to write a Community Action Plan (CAP) Manual.  This manual was tested and changed multiple times to ensure it fit the context.  INGO staff were trained in the CAP Manual.  The INGO staff then trained community experts who were staff from local development organizations.  The community experts then facilitated the CAP in the communities.  While facilitating the CAP in communities we accompanied the community experts to continue training and give them support.  The entire process was recorded in Aldeia Community Action Profiles which will be translated analyzed using grounded theory.

The CAP followed the theory U (Scharmer, 2009) process.  Further, a Participatory Action Research framework guided the research component of the CAP.  Through two day’s of activities aldeias (the smallest level of government in timor) moved from reflecting on the past to creating action in the future.